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Title : Heaven's melody
Description : This is a melody I heard back in 2001 of a dream I had of Jesus. I believe it was music straight from heaven that I was eventually able to reproduce years later. Without any words being sung, I immediately knew that I was forgiven of everything I possibly ever did 'wrong' (... or DIDN'T do, like spread the gospel which is the word of God, which IS God. Once the gospel reaches peoples' ears, GOD reaches their ears and can attempt to reach the heart from that point on and DRAW them TO the churches).

After hearing this melody, I KNEW I was forgiven just by hearing the melody alone for thinking that I can draw people with 'wise' words that can tickle peoples' ears, such as, "My church will love and accept you." instead of doing things God's way while afraid that the gospel would only 'offend' people when in reality, it only consists of GOOD news in the very end. Everything in the dream became music. When I talked, the musical notes were the higher octaves, and when Jesus talked, the notes were the lower octaves, and we both somehow knew and understood the 'language' of music never used or spoken in THIS world and THIS life. Even my tears sounded like pin drops of musical notes.

When the melody repeated itself, it was like I was asking, "Jesus, why am I seeing you, as unworthy as I am?" and He answered my questions like, "You are seeing me because I show myself to whomever I choose despite of 'unworthiness'." (kind of repeating and mocking after my words, but in the form of an answer), and that was why the melody copied after itself in the song. Sometimes, THAT alone turned my tears into laughter because to me, it was actually funny having the music kind of 'mock' me (as if it was some kind of playful 'child's game'). Towards the end of the song (after I heard the wind) was when Jesus had died in the picture that I was holding followed by thousands of angels who rejoiced for what He did for all humanity and for His resurrection.

The gospel consists of Romans 3,23, "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Romans 6,23, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." and Romans 10 13 (Romans 10 13 being the 'good news' in reference to Romans 3,23 and 6,23, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"). John 3 5 comes later and applies when the people are drawn to the churches FIRST through the gospel since man fell FIRST and needs to hear the gospel FIRST and then get drawn (by water baptism in Jesus Name, and the receiving of the Holy Spirit) SECOND. Jesus did not come into this world FIRST to die in advance for man's original sin even though He already KNEW what man was going to do when He said, "WHEN you eat of the fruit..." and not "If you eat..." so there is a specific order of which man needs to be drawn.

Many churches today have it all backwards. 1 or 2 people will say, "Come to my church. My church will accept you." but that's not the gospel, the word of God, which IS God. The gospel never reaches their ears FIRST so God can work IN His word and soften the hearts of the people. They MAY come and get baptized, and the preacher might be preaching about King David that Sunday or anything BUT the gospel. Then, that person could very well backslide out of the church because God HIMSELF never reached their ears and softened the heart. That is why a lot of people say, "I will go this Sunday." but don't show up.


In my dream, my grandmother (in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania) was sick in the hospital, so my parents wanted me to go WITH them just to visit my grandmother but I was too afraid of possibly having to watch her die in front of me, so wanted to stay in Maryland just so I could finish my schooling, graduate and get a job in the computer field.

In the dream, I argued with my parents until they had finally gave in, let me stay at home and left for Pennsylvania themselves without me, saying that grandma will one day remember that I never came to visit her when she was sick. Then, I suddenly changed my mind and wanted to go with my parents, but it was too late because they had already left their driveway for Pennsylvania and I didn't rush up the basement steps in time to catch up with them before they had left.

Then, I wanted to prove to my parents my ability to be independent because at first, they told me (in the argument) that they didn't trust me at home by myself, so I decided to try and take the closest RideOn bus to Waynesburg Pennsylvania that I could possibly take, and walk the rest of the distance even if that meant having to walk 200 miles. In reality, my grandmother lived 220 away from me on the farmlands.

My dream had then suddenly shifted to where I was sitting on a RideOn bus seat near the front of the bus. The bus I was riding was travelling along Veirs Mill Road in Rockville, Maryland heading toward Silver Spring, Maryland (in the EXACT OPPOSITE direction from where Waynesburg, Pennsylvania really is in reality) when I suddenly heard the audible voice of God ask me to witness to a young black guy sitting in the back of the bus with his legs spread out wide, an angry look on his face and a walk man that was playing some pretty loud rap music with cussing in it even WHILE he had his earplugs attached to his ears. I could distinctly remember what the guy looked like in my dream because he looked very vivid and real. In fact, he looked exactly like a guy who spat in my face when I was riding the bus one time just because I had LOOKED in his direction. He had an afro and a blue comb in his hair and looked like he could have been in a gang. That's who I also saw in the dream.

I then told God that I was too scared to approach him because he looked like a guy I saw in real life who spat in my face, and God told me He gave me a voice, that time is running out and that the free will of His people is going to make it LOOK as if the enemy is finally winning this spiritual battle that has been going on for thousands of years, and that it is finally all coming to an end.

That TOO, scared me because I was then imagining a sky that was going to turn red or black (or who KNOWS what color), or that the planets were going to come crashing down to earth and was going to crush us all or everyone becoming tormented by demons or nobody knowing half of what was going on while being in a panic, but AGAIN, I told God I was too scared. He told me that the spiritual battle is almost coming to an end, that I never know what MIGHT happen if I give it a try, that later, he just might spread the gospel because I had planted a seed, and then asked me if one of the people He has confidence in is going to fail Him. Again, I told Him I was scared. After the third time I said this, He told me to see what happens when the free will of His people causes the earth to be destroyed by enemy forces. About a minute later, I then slowly heard chaos rising and about 2 minutes later I saw the sun coming down from the sky and it destroyed the whole earth. Buses and cars flipped including the bus I was on.

I thought my dream was over and that I had just woken up to it being 5:00 in the afternoon. I thought that I had just woken up from a horrible nightmare (of an orange sun crashing down toward the earth as a result of me being too scared to witness to the person sitting in the back of the bus), but I was still dreaming. In THIS part of the dream, I heard my next door neighbor's kids laughing and thought that they were the ones who had just woken me up from my deep sleep. I wasn't too happy because I thought I had slept my whole day away until 5 in the afternoon and that my day was pretty much wasted, but WHILE I was dreaming THIS part of my dream, it was actually about 4 in the morning in real life (long before sun up before ANY light could ever be found in the daytime).

In the dream, I could see the orange afternoon sun shining right in my face from outside my basement window, with chimes shaking and playing music to the wind, so I also thought the orange sun too that had woken me from my OTHER part of the dream (with the sun falling toward earth) because it was the same orange tint, color and brightness. The brightness of the sun and my dream was so realistic and yet, there was no light shining in my face in reality because it was around 4:00 am when I had this dream, but yet, my dream was the brightest dream that I ever had (as if a flash light was shining right in my face the whole time while I was asleep). In this part of the dream, I thought I had been too lazy and that I had slept all day without having witnessed to anyone all day. I felt tired and fatigued.

The chimes played a beautiful melody. I have perfect pitch, so I knew that the 6 keys that I heard in the dream were white keys to a regular piano or keyboard, but when I heard a 7th note, it was a black key. As soon as I heard the 7th note, suddenly, I felt a sudden surge of energy and felt like I was as light as a feather and could get out of bed like it was no problem.

I didn't know why, but for some reason, I felt like something supernatural around the corner was about ready to take place because of all the hardships and rejection I was facing in real life, as I began to walk toward my basement computer room, which was right behind my bed. I felt a draft toward the floor, figuring that it was because the wind outside was pretty strong and heavy. I felt a 'deja vu' when I had heard the chimes in my dream, and thought to myself how surprised I was to not have noticed them sitting right outside my basement window for many years. In reality, my older Step Brother had lived in my basement when I was a child, and (in his teenage years) he LIKED things that were of interest (like chimes, lava lamps, electric globes, etc.), so I thought, "Maybe they were his and he forgot about them when he had moved to Florida, or they already came with the house that was bought and nobody noticed them all those years." They were very antique and small, but they played a beautiful melody. However they got there, I could not describe how much I 'appreciated' the fact that they were there (to a point where I didn't want to explore its history of HOW they got there or move them out of its original place). I felt an indescribable peace as if I wanted to thank whoever PUT them there and know MORE about this person IF it was not my Step Brother who put them there.

The house was quiet, and the only sound that I could hear was the wind blowing the leaves right outside my basement window, yet, I did not feel like I was alone. I felt a peaceful presence in the midst of the draft that I felt hitting my legs, the wind blowing the chimes, the beautiful sunny day and the house being quiet. The melody of the chimes eventually turned into a melody of soothing strings inside my mind as I walked into my computer room.

In my computer room (where my musical keyboard was supposed to be), I saw that my keyboard wasn't there, and that there was a picture lying face down with a note written on on the back of it that my mother had wrote me that said, "Mike, your grandmother wanted you to have this picture of the Sacred Heart while we are in Pennsylvania to visit her in the hospital. Keep it in a safe place so you won't loose it. Love, Mom. P.S. Grandma will be praying for you." In real life, the night before I had this dream, I had lent my keyboard to a Spanish friend who asked me if he could borrow my keyboard to do some ministry, and I let him borrow it. In the dream, my keyboard wasn't there (as if my dream had a connection to reality).

I read the note and slowly turned the picture around to look at it, and I screamed because it looked hideous and like it was going to laugh at me saying, "Ha ha. We (of satan's army) finally won the battle because YOU,,, were too scared to witness to the guy sitting in the back of the bus! We win!". In my fear, I threw the picture on the desk and said, "Nooooo! This can't be! This can't be! I'm sorry Jesus. I'm sorry. Bring me back my father, Jesus! What have you done to Him?!" I had so much rage that overtook my intense fear. I was about ready to beat up the picture when if I were any younger, I would have screamed and ran.

I thought that the end result of my not talking to the guy sitting in the back of the bus was going to be that ANYTHING that represented Jesus from THAT point on was going to be supernaturally taken over by some demon that would in turn, mock it. Another part of me thought that it was a prank done by some nasty artist who wanted to make fun of Jesus while I wondered WHY and HOW something THIS hideous but rare would even sell. Another part of me thought that maybe it was my parents trying a 'new technique' on me to scare me into being more obedient. I didn't know WHAT was going on. Part of me thought that the enemy had finally won the spiritual war and that my parents could have been dead for all I knew BECAUSE OF the spiritual war being lost to enemy forces.

Then, I saw the sunlight (that originally came from my basement bedroom window) go right through my computer room wall and cast a shadow of a 'cross' on the picture that I had recently thrown at my desk. The cross wasn't perfectly straight because the sun was at the West part of the sky and was casting the shadow from an angle, but somehow, I knew it was a cross.

The reason it had cast a shadow of a cross on my desk when the sunlight had went through my computer room wall was because of the way that the wooden frames on my basement windows are set up. They are set up to divide each square glass frame into 2 by 3. The ceiling then faded as I watched the sun move across the sky to a particular section of the sky (to where the shadow's center of the cross was able to then end up directly on the very center of where the picture was that I had thrown on the desk). At first, I was STILL clueless as to what was happening and thought, "This is freaking me out. This is it. The whole world is coming to an end. What's going to happen to us all now? satan is a spirit of uncertainty, and I AM definitely uncertain as to having ANY idea of what is about to happen to us all. I thought that this was just a bad dream I had woken up from (about me being too scared to witness to the guy sitting in the back of the bus). Life, please don't tell me that this whole thing is real and that I messed up ALL of humanity for being too scared. Was that an evil laughter I heard earlier from the kids next door? What is happening to us all? Are all doomed. This is all MY fault. I wonder if my parents already found out what I had done, (or did not do) and how serious it REALLY is that I disobeyed the voice of God Himself. I'm sure THEY'D be ashamed of me too if only they knew the full seriousness of it all, even though they are Catholic and are not really in favor of me being 'religious' but also not against it either. I remembered when I was a kid, they kept me in their Catholic Church and raised me up TO have a relationship with God even though there is power in the church that I go to now. I really DO miss their favor in me getting closer to God, but it's too late now. I caused all this chaos,,, ALL OVER THE ENTIRE EARTH. Wherever they are, by now, I'm sure something 'strange' has effected them too, all because of me." Then I started to see the face's mouth move in the picture that I threw on my desk!

I looked away from it pretending not to notice because I was afraid that IF the picture only knew that I saw its mouth move and that I got scared, it would only laugh at me even the more. I felt it was just WAITING for me to look directly at it. When I finally did, I began to notice a crown of thorns on His head. Jesus' face was so unrecognizable in the Catholic picture that I was holding of 'the Sacred Heart' (that my mother had given me in the dream), that I literally thought that it was a demon inside the picture that I was holding (invading it, mocking Jesus, while getting ready to laugh at me, scare me half to death while looking like it was about ready to attack me once I looked directly at it) UNTIL I finally noticed the crown of thorns on His head in 'the Sacred Heart' picture and the unconditional love in His eyes while His tongue was hanging out of his dented, fractured face. In reality, "The Sacred Heart." picture HAS NO crown of thorns on HIS head, and it was THAT additive distinction that finally snapped me out of it to at least question and reason of at least HALF of WHAT WAS going on.

At first, I thought satan and his army of demons had taken over the entire earth just because I had not witnessed to the guy sitting in the back of the bus (the guy in the dream that I had before THIS dream). I then finally realized that MAYBE it really WAS Jesus Himself because I saw that He looked like He wanted to embrace me from the picture, and that it just MIGHT BE Jesus who was recently beaten and was getting ready to die just for me! No matter how distorted and ugly His face was in the picture, I could never forget the love that I saw in His eyes.

It literally felt like I was looking through a 'time portal' directly to the ACTUAL time of when His crucifixion was all happening at Calvary. I had almost ripped up the picture with lost hope after hitting it repeatedly at first, demanding that whoever was in the picture would bring me back Jesus even though I had a 'hunch' of what was going on. At first, I was so angry and scared that I wasn't going to accept what He REALLY looked like even WHEN I finally started to put 2 and 2 together only to find out that it COULD BE Jesus. Then, something inside my conscience asked, "Mike? What are you doing? Do you know WHO it is you are about ready to reject and rip up just because you can't accept the way you finally get to see Him (as He TRULY is in His ACTUAL state)?" After hitting the picture several times (when I thought it was a demon) and almost ripping it up (when I was questioning who it was), I finally dropped the picture back on the desk and began to cry. The tears that were coming out of my eyes were like a running faucet and sounded like musical pin-drops (in harmony along with the melody I was then hearing) when the tears hit the floor. The melody I heard in my mind (from the chimes that I heard earlier) had slowly turned itself into a heavenly audible melody of thousands of angels singing and playing instruments while Jesus and I talked. Even our conversation was music and we could 'understand' each other's 'language'.

Jesus then winked at me and said, "No don't. Don't ruin the picture. It's me my child. Do you REALLY think I am THAT easily defeated? Don't fret and weep over this. Dry your tears, for it is really me. The battle is not finished,,, yet. Don't stop witnessing to MY people and I shall give you all these things." Only from the corner of my eye, I could see heaven. A spinning star of light of many different colors that had many rainbows circling it also came out of the picture that I was holding onto, and hovered above the picture. The spanning star of light had cast all sorts of colors all over my walls, floor and ceiling. The light was very bright, brighter than any sun I saw during the middle of the day, but it didn't hurt my eyes to look at it. The music was nothing like anything I've ever heard on earth and the melody ITSELF revealed to me that I was forgiven (with no words sung).

About a year later, my Senior Pastor, Pastor Ron Libby came up with the sermon, "Drink more water.", and I never knew that when a person is dehydrated, their tongue hangs out of their mouths until Pastor Libby had shared that piece of knowledge with his congregation almost a year AFTER I had this dream of Jesus with His tongue hanging out of His mouth and him dehydrated. When it was just the wind playing toward the end of the song, that was when the ball of light with many different colors circling around it that was floating above the picture, had slowly went back inside the picture, Jesus then died in the picture that was right in my hands, right after He got done telling me that He loved me and did all this for me to pay the price for sin. I wanted Him to stay alive so I could show my parents by the time they got back from Pennsylvania, but the picture died I knew that I knew, long BEFORE they could ever return and see. After that, I didn't even KNOW that sin had ever taken ANY part of my life. I didn't even know it existed because of the intensity of His love and the music I heard, and then His Spirit had left the picture. After Jesus then died right there in my hands, thousands of angels sang in a massive celebration because of what was finished for all humanity. It was like I was actually holding onto the actual crucifixion right there in the palm of my hands in the dream with choirs of angels celebrating.

Jesus' love was nothing LIKE anything that any preacher ever described when they read from the scriptures because it was literally experienced and lived out in the dream. Knowledge came over me because the music was louder than any train or fire engine but yet, it didn't hurt my ears. I had a knowledge that perhaps when Jesus was about ready to be born into this earth, the night before His birth was not silent after all. There must have been a HUGE celebration going on (like the one I heard). The music that I heard (from thousands of angels) was FAR from being silent, but the melody DID have kind of a, 'silent night' kind of 'feel' to it. After Jesus died and His Spirit left the painting, the song was 10 times happier after the light had went back into the picture. Then, I woke up.
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